Letterbox apartment house

Two-family house

Our specially developed B2 and B3 letterboxes provide the perfect solution for your two-family household. Each household receives a separate letter slot and its own removal door. However, the two systems are separate, forming a common unit on the front view. Two name tags, which can be exchanged at any time, make it quick and easy to distinguish between the two letter inserts.

In addition, you can have your system equipped with a video calling cell. The integrated camera, which can be connected via a conventional 2-wire cable, is located in the centre and above the letterboxes. The scope of delivery includes an internal call station for each household. An optional Wifi function enables communication with your visit at your front door, even when you are on the move


Apartment buildings

We also offer the optimum solution for multi-family households and houses. With our modern B4 letterboxes you can easily cover several households. The mailbox door is tilted forward for insertion and emptying from above. An exchangeable name tag on each individual letterbox ensures quick and easy identification of the right household.

The individual letterboxes are connected and fixed between two stainless steel posts. A cross strut underneath the letterboxes provides stability. The whole can be freely positioned on the property.


Our letterboxes for apartment buildings


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