Laser cutting with the latest technology

The fiber laser is a relatively new tool as an industrial cutting tool for sheet metal and metal / stainless steel.

This laser variant opens up new dimensions, especially in the area of ​​machining stainless steel sheets in the thin and medium thickness range, as well as in terms of efficiency and cutting speed.
The Fiberlaser is the perfect cutting tool for laser cutting stainless steel.

edelstahlverarbeitung, laserschneiden edelstahl

Stainless Steel Laser Cutting – Fast – Precise – Effective

Laser cutting with the fiber laser: Filigree sheet metal cutting in high cutting speed

The laser technology known under the specialist terms fiber laser and fiber laser combines the properties of a solid-state laser with the special properties of fiber optic technology. This laser process offers technical and economic advantages when used as an industrial cutting tool in sheet metal and stainless steel processing. In our company this modern tool is used for the laser cutting of stainless steel sheets ( The advantages for you as our customer can be summed up in a few words: The Fiber Laser is considered by experts to be the perfect process technology for cutting stainless steel sheets in the thin to medium thickness range. Thanks to extremely thin laser cutting gaps, the process is suitable for the laser cutting of filigree patterns.

Laser cutting on the current state of the art

As a manufacturer of various products based on stainless steel sheets, we place the highest demands on the quality of our range of goods and services.

A sensitive manufacturing step is the phase of cutting the stainless steel sheets used. These
Production phase is crucial for the product quality you demand as our customer. In the search for a cutting tool for our production program, demand factors such as filigree cutting technology, high efficiency of the production process, highest precision of the cutting tools as well as the trouble-free and economical operation of the new cutting system played a decisive role in the decision. The direct process comparison of Fiber Laser with the CO2 laser during laser cutting of the processed in our company
thin steel and stainless steel sheets led to the decision for the relatively new, industrial
Cutting tool – the fiber laser.

Fiber lasers represent a relatively new technology. As an active medium, the glass fiber with its special properties serves as an optical waveguide. In conjunction with a special laser diode technology, a high-performance tool with a special cut has been created for the laser cutting of sheets of various quality standards, including high-quality stainless steel sheets. In the center of our consideration as a manufacturer of high quality stainless steel products you are our customer. Against this background, we are trying our
Optimize manufacturing under economic and technological aspects. The laser cutting with the fiber laser led to a remarkable production optimization in our company. We use the technical as well as the economic production advantages. To give you an idea of ​​how state-of-the-art laser cutting is, we would like to give you some significant production figures. Compared with the CO2 laser, the fiber laser impresses with a threefold higher efficiency. The use of CO2 gas is eliminated, and the cooling of the machine is low. The advantage in energy efficiency is 85 percent.
Due to technology and design, the maintenance costs are significantly reduced. The lifetime of the fiber laser is considered to be exemplary among laser experts. When laser cutting metals, the narrow kerf of the fiber laser proves to be advantageous. It enables contour-sharp processing of filigree workpieces. For laser cutting, you can provide us with digital data for parts production.


You can make laser blanks with a Trumpf fiber laser up to a maximum dimension of 3000 × 1500 mm.
Sheet metal parts as blanks as well as unwinds for sheet metal fabrication including further processing according to your requirements.


Data processing

CAD data can be provided in the formats .dxf and .dwg (AutoCAD standard), .geo (Trumpf), STEP, IGES and Autocad Inventor data and processed by us.
Please pay attention to the following points:

– If possible, the file should contain only the actual cutting contours (no dimension lines, no auxiliary lines such as bending edges, center lines or similar, no drawing heads, no labels, etc.)
– Bending parts must be available as settlement. (for correction and compensation factors for the tools we use, if necessary pre-inquiry to us)
– Contours should be closed and contain no duplicate elements.
– The contours must be in the scale 1: 1.
– For parts that are to be made of foiled material, make sure that the foiled side is in the top view (cutting or production position).
– For parts with a ground surface, the sanding direction should be as parallel as possible to the horizontal and the sanded side (usually foiled) should also be placed in an upward direction.


Steel / mild steel 16mm thickness

Stainless steel V2A / V4A stainless up to 10mm

Aluminum up to 4mm

Copper up to 4mm

Brass or copper alloyed materials up to 4mm

Stainless steels, aluminum and non-ferrous metals are generally cut with oxygen free of nitrogen (thus problem-free further processing, for example during welding).

To sum up, the fiber laser successfully used in our company occupies a special niche in the competitive environment with other laser technologies. It is suitable for cutting stainless steel sheets in the steel thickness range below 10 millimeters (mm). In this niche, our company is primarily active. With modern fiber laser tools we manufacture individual laser blanks for you. Of course, we are happy to take over further processing steps according to your requirements. We work with the latest trump card
Laser cutting technology and have a maximum processing surface of 3,000 x 1,500 mm