Stud welding with tip ignition has been used successfully for many years worldwide. Bolts up to a maximum diameter of M12 can be welded. The welding process is carried out by discharging a capacitor bank in a very short time of 1 – 3 ms (0.001 – 0.003 sec.) Over the firing tip of the welding elements.
This method has e.g. well proven in vehicle construction, in sheet metal processing and decorative metal design


The bolt tip touches the workpiece. The arc is initiated.
The arc creates a thin melt zone on the bolt and workpiece.
Bolt dips into the weld pool, material solidifies and the bolt is welded on.


Powerful SOYER® CNC stud welding machine KTS 1550-CNC with top precision.

  • Travel XY – 1580 x 1300 mm
  • Quality and precision “Made in Germany”
  • Control with graphic programming system
  • 3 welding heads without limitation of the range
Bolzenschiessen Metallverarbeitung stainless steel