Laser engraving – laser marking – laser marking

With our modern and flexible TRUMPF fiber laser system we solve a multitude of surface labeling in the field of laser engraving.
We use high-quality and durable labeling of nearly all imaginable materials through a variety of procedures, from simple product labeling to sophisticated design lettering.


The terms laser engraving, laser marking, laser marking describe a variety of applications to edit parts, signs, front panels made of stainless steel or other materials permanently and with high precision for a variety of purposes in their surface.

Labeling by laser is versatile and effective for almost every requirement in the field of labeling front panels, signs, component markings and much more.

Even demanding engravings with company logos and graphics can be produced permanently and consistently with the fiber laser.



There is hardly any material that can not be labeled with the laser beam.
From the company logo, bar code, QR code to part numbers or general labels to photos and graphics, almost anything is possible. Metals, stainless steel, aluminum and plastics up to wood or leather can be provided with a high-quality laser engraving.

In the field of labeling of stainless steel, the fiber laser also offers the possibility of a white or effective inscription in Glasperloptik. The labeling of larger parts is also possible thanks to the flexible design of our laser system.



We offer a wide range of services in the field of laser marking, letter boxes with name lettering, doorbells with lettering and pay labeling. Professional and competent advice is a matter of course for us.

We engrave and label almost all materials and objects with our new and state-of-the-art CO2 and solid-state laser systems.

Some examples are front door signs, door signs, doorbell signs, nameplates, house numbers, advertising materials, type plates or laser blanks with subsequent inscription of part numbers.

We also provide tools with a very durable and high-resolution laser marking.

All common fonts but also QR codes or bar codes, which can later be read out with scanners, can be realized. The laser engraving with our fiber or CO2 laser systems is highly precise and durable.

The workpieces to be engraved are exposed to no mechanical stress during the laser engraving by the contactless laser engraving technique.


lasergravur, beschriftung edelsahl, frontplatten nach maß
letterbox stainless steel mit Klingel Namensbeschriftung