House number

What would we do without her?
Without them, the postman or courier would be at a loss because he does not know where to deliver the item.
And also for your visit would be not exactly easy to find the right house.

You can find them on every house wall, but a house number doesn’t have to be boring. With our visually appealing and modern designed numbers made of high-quality 1.4301 stainless steel with a light cut on the front your house number becomes a real eye-catcher.

Simple and quick installation

Our 150mm high house numbers have two M3x30mm threaded bolts on the back. All you have to do is drill the appropriate holes in your facade or masonry at the correct distance and insert the dowels supplied. Then simply insert the numbers / letters on the plugs and your house number is ready installed.

Regular maintenance

Despite its very robust properties, the stainless steel must be carefully cleaned at least once a month. In the winter months or in the case of a direct location on busy roads or waters, the house number must be cleaned even more often so that it shines as brightly in many years to come as it did on the first day.

house number

Stainless steel house numbers

House number stainless steel Style


Stainless steel house numbers

House number stainless steel Avantgarde


Stainless steel house numbers

stainless steel house number