letterbox stainless steel B4

The special feature of the B4 letterbox is its hinged door. The letter is inserted from above when the door is slightly open. This makes a very compact system possible and it is also perfectly suited for multi-family systems in this respect. Further B4 systems are simply bolted next to each other or on top of each other. An optional name tag, which can be replaced at any time, makes it possible to assign each individual letterbox quickly and easily.

Special opening mechanism

If a letter or envelope is to be inserted, the door can be tilted forward to a certain position with the handle at the top. The slot becomes visible and the mail can be inserted. The lock, which is not visible from the outside, is located directly next to the opening. This can be used to release the locking mechanism and the door can be completely tilted forward for batch removal.

Furthermore you have the possibility to combine the B4 Small letterbox with a video intercom. This enables you to contact your visit directly in front of the front door before you open your front door via the internal call station included in the scope of delivery.
The video system can be connected to any existing 2-wire line.

Cleaning of the plant

Although the high-quality 1.4301 stainless steel is already very robust, the plant and above all the stainless steel must be cleaned and maintained regularly. We recommend intensive cleaning every four weeks. In the winter months or in a location directly on a busy road or waterway, we recommend cleaning several times a month so that your system continues to retain its shine.

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