Product Overview B3 Audio

The B3 audio systems are a combination of a normal mailbox and a modern audio intercom from Comelit. Both the microphone and the loudspeaker are located behind the call station. The entire system is completely pre-wired and programmed. The connection is made via a standard 2-wire cable.

The front panel is made of high-quality 2mm stainless steel with a vertical grind. The installation is flush-mounted in the house facade or the masonry. The access flap is larger than specified by the German DIN standard. In this respect, even large newspapers, letters or envelopes can be inserted without any problems.

Above the illuminated bell button your name is engraved with the latest laser technology.


Stainless steel letterbox B3 audio

letterbox door intercom stainless steel B3 Audio

790,00 840,00 

Stainless steel letterbox B3 audio

letterbox stainless steel B3A-LC

690,00 740,00