Individual installation

With the free-standing models from our range, you have the option of freely positioning your mailbox system anywhere on your property. With a total height of 1200mm for the B1 systems and 1400mm for the B4 systems, the letterboxes are at an optimum height for quick and easy insertion and removal of letters and newspapers.

Quick installation

The feet are mounted with 2 or 4 screws on a solid stone floor or concrete foundation. You still have to cast a foundation? We offer ground anchors as an option for every freestanding system, which makes installation considerably easier.
After mounting the feet, two cover plates cover the screw connections.


Regular maintenance is very important for your stainless steel mailbox system. We recommend cleaning your system every four weeks. In winter, and even more frequently for locations on waterways or heavily trafficked roads. Each of our systems contains a can of maintenance oil spray.

Freestanding LETTErboxes

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letterbox stainless steel B4 Big product overview

letterbox stainless steel B4 Big freestanding

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