Video Door intercom MINI WIFI

With the Mini WiFi 2-wire (Art. 6741W) in combination with the Comelit App you can answer door calls from anywhere and open doors and gates. The Mini WiFi 2-wire is connected in a SimpleBus system like a standard monitor (see drawing below). By the Smart Registration of the Comelit App the connection to an Android or iOS based smartphone or tablet is very easy. An Internet connection with a WiFi router is required for each unit in which the Mini WiFi 2-wire is installed and operated.

The Mini WiFi 2-wire and Comelit app lets you simulate home presence wherever you are. If a neighbour, the postman or a stranger rings, answer the door call with your smartphone or tablet and give the visitor outside the door the feeling as if you were at home, even if you convince him with an excuse not to just come to the door (we are bathing the children; I am expecting a visit and am changing; I just got out of the shower…)


Türsprechanlage Wlan Videosprechanlage Wifi

When a door call is made, it is sent from the Mini WiFi 2-wire internal station via the WiFi router to the Comelit Cloud and forwarded to the smartphone or tablet (a 3G / LTE data connection is required). Due to the unique technology of 2-wire technology in combination with a WiFi monitor, the time delay for the reception in the 3G network on the mobile device is only about 5 seconds. The mobile device opens the app even when it is closed: the push function makes this possible.

The Mini WiFi 2-wire is compatible with existing systems until 2011, depending on the firmware version of the installed system components. The Mini WiFi 2-wire can be used in systems with up to 100 residential units for objects and new installations. In the SimpleBus system, the system components are the 4888C video mixer, in the SimpleBus BuildingKit system the 1210 power supply unit and in the QuadraKit the 1209 power supply unit.

However, it makes no sense to offer a new system or renovation for all participants with the Mini WiFi 2-wire. This should be optional and reduced to the needs of the participants in order to remain competitive with the market competitors in terms of price, even if no other manufacturer can offer such an internal call station.

Up to 15 mobile devices can be connected to each Mini WiFi 2-wire. The first three configured mobile devices function as master (in the case of a door call, the picture can be seen immediately), all other mobile devices work as slaves (in the case of a door call, the call must be accepted to see the picture).