Letterbox B1 Configurator – important information & guidelines

With the Letterbox B1 Configurator we offer you the possibility to assemble your own B1 letterbox. To simplify the operation with the configurator, you will find all useful information and important production-specific notes and guidelines on this page.

Structure of the configurator

On the left side of the configurator are all important variants and setting options. Use this to select the desired body, the front panel and any inscriptions, fastenings or an additional newspaper compartment. On the right side you see the mailbox with the current selection on the left side. The graphic adapts immediately in real time.

The total price in the upper right corner also adapts directly to your selection. This way you always keep an eye on costs.

Only one block can be selected per category in the left selection menus. This prevents, for example, the overlapping of several front panels.


Important information

Please note that if you select a body for the newspaper compartment, please also select a corresponding front panel, or vice versa. Only complete and correct orders can be considered by us.

Furthermore, due to technical limitations, we cannot laser in your desired inscription across the entire width of the front panel. Single or double names can be labeled without problems. However, be aware of this limitation if the labels are too long. However, multi-line labeling is possible. Just leave us a small note during the later ordering process. Here you have the possibility to contact us directly.

The position of the name label is in the upper right corner by default. If we do not receive any further information for a different positioning, the marking is done at the standard position.

We wish you a lot of fun while creating your own dream mailbox!

Your z-e-d team