Stainless steel letterbox

Stainless steel is increasingly finding its way into our everyday and modern life. Due to its timeless, noble and high-quality appearance it can now be found in almost every area. It has also long since gained a foothold outdoors thanks to its robustness and easy maintenance. And it is the perfect material for mailbox and bell system construction in particular. Due to its high quality, it is very well protected against external influences and the various weather conditions. At the same time it is a very flexible material and can be adapted to the wishes of each individual at will.

In this respect, we at z-e-d have chosen this material as the basic material for all our letterbox and bell systems to guarantee the highest possible quality, so that your system will look just as noble and modern for many years to come as it did on the first day. We use high-quality stainless steel for our ground and 2mm thick cover plates as well as for the entire rear end.


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Modern. Timeless. Individual.

Our products are characterised by a noble, high-quality and timeless appearance. Our selection ranges from clip-on house numbers, bell buttons with individual labelling, to flush-mounted letterbox systems with complete video/audio systems or modern letterboxes in many different models and variants.

The individual wishes of our customers are particularly important to us. Almost all products in our range can be individually adapted to your wishes, whether additional lettering, an additional bell push or an adaptation to your existing system. With our modern machinery we can produce OnTime and make your wishes come true.

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The care of your mailbox or bell system

Despite its robustness and high quality, regular cleaning and maintenance of your stainless steel bell or letterbox system is particularly important. Cleaning should take place at least once a month. In the winter months or in a special geographical location, for example on a stretch of water, we recommend cleaning the plant even more often.
Our high-quality stainless steel is already rust-free in terms of its basic properties, but flying dirt particles and rust film can still settle on the surface. If this is not removed regularly, the dirt can settle and start to attack the high-quality stainless steel. The results are unsightly stains and rust deposits on your system. Also road salt in the winter months or salty air on waters can attack your plant.

Something for every budget

Discover our online shop today and find the matching mailbox or bell. All products are manufactured directly by us in Germany with the greatest care and shipped directly to you after completion. Nevertheless our products, no matter in which category, have unbeatable prices and additionally a professional support even after the installation of your system.